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30" Seed hoop ...
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30" Seed hoop Seed Catcher / Platform Bird Feeder

SKU: SEIA13921
Price: $25.00
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30" Seed hoop Seed Catcher / Platform Bird Feeder
30" Seed hoop Seed Catcher / Platform Bird Feeder

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30" Seed hoop Seed Catcher / Platform Bird Feeder

Feeding birds can be messy. Let us help you clean it up!

The NEW SeedHoop bird feeding system: Seed catcher/platform feeder! Easy to clean, economical and effective.


30" diameter. Also available in New 16" diameter that is perfect for shepherd hooks and tube feeders!


The SeedHoop can be adapted to attach to virtually any bird feeder without modifying the feeder. It is lightweight and durable. Birds like feeding on it, especially ground feeders. Some clever sparrows use their beaks like tiny shovels to scatter seed so they can eat it on the ground which they prefer.


- Adapts to virtually all bird feeders, rectangular or round, to the bottom or the top, hanging or pole feeders!

- Is durable, lightweight and sturdy

- Easy to attach or store

- Saves money, catching up to 90% of spilled seed

- Has a wind guard to save even more seed!

- Protects lawn and garden from rotting seeds, weeds, and damage to grass and allows sunlight through for the lawn to grow.

- No mess on the ground for you to have to clean up

- Serves as a platform feeder, keeping birds safe from ground predators

- Being a platform feeder, it also allows room for more birds to feed at once

- Eliminates a food source for rodents

- Attracts more wild birds

- Increases pleasure in bird watching, as more birds feed and they feed in full view

- The hooks can attach to other hooks if needed!

- Helps protect birds' health- no rotting seed on the lawn for birds to eat.

- Easily dump left over seed husks into the trash.


The 30" diameter base is made of lightweight exterior grade vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh which catches spilled seed but allows water to drain and seeds to dry.

The SeedHoop frame is made of lightweight tempered steel wire that provides flexibility so that it can be twist folded and collapsed to fit into the provided bag about 1/3 its expanded size. Easy storage!

The 1/2" sleeve is made of exterior grade polyester, as is the storage bag.

The attaching hooks are made of corrosion resistant metal.

Heavy nylon straps sewn to the outer circumference, attach plastic rings to the hoop. 

The round buttons, snap hooks and small connecting hooks are also made of plastic.

Cords are nylon.


Unhook the SeedHoop from the bird feeder; remove the snap hooks from the D rings and store the cords in the bag provided. Twist the SeedHoop in thirds and insert into the storage bag. Put the cord bag in the storage bag. See pictures above.


- Cats. Scientists estimate that cats in the US stalk and kill hundreds of millions of birds each year. The SeedHoop encourages birds to stay off the ground and

- Chemicals. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides can be toxic to birds. Birdseed that falls on the lawn or garden may come in contact with these chemicals.


- Mice, Rats, and Rabbits. These animals love birdseed and are attracted by seed spilled on the ground. They, in turn, attract snakes and cats. 

- Voles. Voles also gather to eat spilled seed. They damage lawns and chew the bark off young trees.

- Bears. Bears can be a problem in some parts of the country. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife wrote that, "Bears will eat almost anything including human food, garbage, pet food, birdseed and small livestock. Birdseed is a highly desirable food for black bears. Use spill pans to prevent seeds from reaching the ground." This fondness for birdseed can result in a lot of bear damage.

- Javelinas. Javelinas can pose a problem in Arizona and other areas, rooting around in yards, eating flower bulbs and tearing up vegetable gardens. According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, keeping birdseed off the ground is imperative to keep javelinas away!

Make sure you look at all of the pictures!!!

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