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Large 4 qt. All Weather Bird Feeder- Storm Proof!

Price: $86.00
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Large 4 qt. All Weather Bird Feeder- Storm Proof!
Large 4 qt. All Weather Bird Feeder- Storm Proof!

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The first rain-proof & snow-proof wild bird feeder!


Through rain, snow, sleet and ice, the All Weather Feeder delivers the seed DRY!!

- Covered Feeding Port.

- Keeps rain and snow out so seed stays dry.

- Won't clog up with snow and ice.

- Eliminates the need to clean out wet, moldy seed.

- Circular Perch.

- Lets you see all the birds that are feeding, even those on the far side.

- Catches spilled seed for less waste.

- Easily removed for cleaning.

- Easy to Clean! Comes completely apart so each piece can be individually cleaned. A clean feeder helps keep the bird population healthy!

Unique design that is truly storm-proof!



- Made in the USA

Why purchase this feeder when Wild Birds & Beyond, LLC already offers so many other feeders?  The president of the company that manufacturers this feeder says, "This is the only feeder that can guarantee that seed stays 100 percent dry and available to the birds -- no matter if it's used in a blizzard or during day after day of spring or Pacific Northwest rains."  Because of its unique weatherproof design, they call it the 'All Weather Feeder®'.

Birds feed from a lower platform (making all birds visible), and reach up into a fully-sheltered slot to feed from the feeder. That way you don't have to hassle with the mess of cleaning out ice, snow, and rain from the troughs and seed ports of other feeders. The birds benefit from seed always being available -- which is especially important after ice storms -- and from better sanitation due to no wet, moldy or spoiled seed. Concern is rising about Avian disease being spread around through bird feeding. The combination of no wet seed and ease of cleaning also make the All Weather Feeder® the most sanitary feeder available on the market.

Other important features include ease of filling and high capacity (4-quart and 6-quart models available), both important to the ever-growing number of older Americans -- many of whom enjoy bird feeding.  These features also make keeping the feeder full less time consuming.

The feeders are made from UV-stabilized polycarbonate and are available in the original clear color.

The manufacturer also says, "I believe that the reason the All Weather Feeder® will be a success is best summarized by the owner of a bird store in Florida: 'I love this feeder! It is the only feeder I recommend to homeowners on the many golf courses around us. The All Weather Feeder® can take direct hits from golf balls (it is durable) and from sprinkler systems day after day and the seed still stays dry!' "

New Products at Annual Show
by Scott Shalaway
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
Sunday, Jan. 21, 2001

One of my favorite trips of the year is to [a birding product] trade show […] each January. Manufacturers gather to show off their new products and brag on their best from previous years. As always, a few items caught my eye.

The first is the ['All Weather Feeder®'], a large-capacity feeder (4 or 6 quarts) that appears to be truly storm-proof. Narrow feeding ports are tucked under a wide overhanging brim that protects the contents from snow and rain. If there's a weather-proof feeder, this is it.

A bird products distributor likes this feeder so much he told me, "Like that guy with the electric razor on TV, I bought the company. This is the only feeder that has stayed snow-free this winter."

I didn't expect to report on this feeder so soon because I thought it might take birds time to learn how to use it. I filled a 6-quart model […] with black-oil sunflower kernels and noted the time. Within 10 minutes, goldfinches were on the feeder taking seed I had scattered on the bottom tray. In less than an hour they were reaching up and removing kernels from the long, narrow ports. By day's end, house finches joined in. So much for an extended learning curve. An ['All Weather Feeder®'] filled with sunflower kernels seems to be the ultimate finch feeder, and even cardinals can use it.

An optional "Squirrel Cage" attaches to the ['All Weather Feeder®'].  It may not stop squirrels from chewing through the tough, polycarbonate material, but it will keep out doves, pigeons, grackles and other larger birds.

See our other listings for the 6 qt. model All Weather Feeder, the optional Squirrel Cage, and the pole mount.

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