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Hummingbird Fly-Through Window Bird Magnets

SKU: CC52001
Price: $8.50
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Hummingbird Fly-Through Window Bird Magnets
Hummingbird Fly-Through Window Bird Magnets

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Hummingbird Fly-Through Window Bird Magnets


A very fun way to decorate your windows! The two halves of each of these window magnet ornaments are connected in the middle by a strong magnet. When the two halves are together with the window glass in-between, a 3-D effect is seen with the bird appearing as if it's really flying through the glass!

Each piece is made from a textured high quality polyresin with great detail for a realistic look!

Perfect for windows, but also great on curio cabinets, glass shower stalls, vehicle windows and refrigerators. (Note - on refrigerators just use the front half of the bird.)

Safety Benefit - When placed on a screen or window, ornaments offer clear notice to an animal or person that a glass partition is present.

All have an approximately 4-5 inch wingspan.

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